• Special Exhibition “Ancient Bronze Mirrors in Hyogo”

    Apr. 8 (Sat.) – Jun. 18 (Sun.), 2017

    Bronze mirrors were brought to Japan from ancient China via the Korean Peninsula over 2,000 years ago. Japanese people those days must have been astonished to see the mysterious brilliance of mirrors. With our museum’s 40 mirrors on display, this exhibition tries to reveal how the mirrors from overseas gradually took root in Japan.

  • Project Exhibition “Culture of Paiwan People in Taiwan”

    Jul. 22 (Sat.) – Sep. 3 (Sun.), 2017

    This exhibition is co-hosted with the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology in Taiwan. The Paiwan people, an indigenous tribe in Taiwan, used to live in the mountains and forests. Sculptures made by the Paiwan people, as well as their clothes and other items used in their daily life, will be on display. Many fun events will also take place during the exhibition period.

  • Special Exhibition “Bronze Bells and Weapons”

    Oct. 7 (Sat.) – Nov. 26 (Sun.), 2017

    Dotaku bronze bells are archaeologic materials that were uniquely developed in Japan. Around 2,000 years ago, the Kinki region was a central area for rituals that featured Dotaku. This exhibition will show Dotaku and bronze weapons excavated in Hyogo Prefecture and its surrounding area.

  • Project Exhibition “Archaeological Sites in Hyogo: 2009–2018”

    Jan. 20 (Sat.) – Mar. 25 (Sun.), 2018

    This exhibition will showcase the results of excavation surveys undertaken by Hyogo Prefecture. In memory of the 10th anniversary of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Archaeology, research results from the past 10 years will be highlighted.

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